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    Hello Parkside students and families,

    On Monday, April 6, we will begin the fourth marking term 2020.  Please review this message in its entirety as it has very important information that you will need. We do not have the final information and times on the distribution of student borrowed laptops. We anticipate it will be early next week so stay tuned. Please note that our seniors will receive priority and we will move backwards from there until our supplies are exhausted. If you requested a hotspot, we are informed our order will not be received until mid April. Therefore, if you cannot access the internet without this hotspot, please pick up a packet on Monday or Tuesday from Parkside.

    Your child will have the ability to access work for the fourth marking term either electronically via the internet or through picking up non-digital resources at the school.  For those of you who have access to the internet at your home, you will access your child’s work electronically.  On Monday, please visit the board’s website at www.wcboe.org or visit our school website at http://phs.wcboe.org/ where you will see all of your child’s assignments listed by grade level after you click on the “online learning” tab at the top.  Your teacher will help you either through email, Microsoft Teams, ZOOM or Google Classroom. If your teacher created a Google Classroom, your child has already been invited to it. Have the student login using their school email address and password, and then join the class in Google Classroom. Attached to this message is a video tutorial for students showing how to login to Google Classroom if your student has not already done so. https://youtu.be/N17cngLFcOE.  One note about the video: Your child will not need a class code from a teacher to join a class in Google Classroom as students have already been added by your child’s teacher. There is also a tutorial with screenshots to guide you through the process on our school website and will also be posted on Facebook.

    If you DO NOT have internet access and/or access to a laptop, iPad, PS4 or Xbox, we will be providing non-digital resources (packet) at the school. For everyone’s safety and well-being, we ask that you ONLY pick up these resources if you do not have access to technology at your home.  We will have two opportunities for you to pick up the first set of assignments.  You may either come to our school on Monday, April 6 between the hours of 4:00-6:00 p.m. or Tuesday, April 7 between the hours of 9:00-11:00 a.m.  Parents and students should drive into Parkside’s front parking area through the entrance closest to our band practice field and CTE Horticulture green houses and follow the car line around to your student’s grade level pickup location toward the front of the school.

    We will operate like a drive through restaurant so you will not pass the person in front of you but rather stay in the line all the way through until you exit in the lane closest to Beaglin Park Drive. We will have 2 lanes designated by grade levels.  The lane closest to Parkside will be for grades 9 and 10.  The middle lane will be for students in grades 11 and 12.  The tables will be spread out with large signs. Stop your car by the grade level table where you need to pick up a packet. PLEASE DO NOT GET OUT OF YOUR CAR. At this point a staff member will bring a non digital learning packet to you, wearing gloves and mask, and will hand the packet to you through your car window without touching. We will be wearing masks made for us by our #1 fan Carol Evans, previous Parkside secretary who wanted us to be safe and not use any supplies needed for our wonderful first responders!! We then ask you to take the packet and move forward so we can keep the line moving and help us operate as safely and efficiently as possible.

    If you need to retrieve multiple grade levels, just ask the attendant to help you quickly gather these learning packets so we can help you make only one trip through this line for your convenience. We apologize but we cannot have lengthy conversations with families or answer multiple questions to ensure that the line progresses quickly and we are operating as safely as we possibly can for everyone involved. We will be serving approximately 300 students and families in this 2 day, 4 hour time frame so we must work to be efficient and appreciate your patience and understanding!! *Please only pick up the number of packets you need for your students. We only made the number of packets for our non digital learners who indicated this on their survey or phone call response. Thank you for your cooperation with this process!

    If you do not have transportation and are within walking distance, you may walk to the front of the building and an individual will help you locate your packet standing 6 feet apart. We will have cones that indicate where you should stand to wait for someone to hand you a non digital learning packet. We again ask that once you’ve received your packet you move on to continue the social distancing practices that have been recommended during this time. There will be a cover sheet on non digital learning packet that gives you options for how to return the completed assignments to your student’s teacher.

    The second round of assignments will be accessible to you on Thursday, April 16 between 4:00-6:00 p.m. and again on Friday, April 17 between 9:00-11:00 a.m. through the same methods above. If your child is enrolled in any Evening High School classes and you need assignments, please plan on picking them up from Parkside – you do not need to make an additional trip. If your child has an Edmentum course, please move forward as usual as they are assessible online. Please note that AP courses will not be offered in this paper format and must be accessed digitally. Please contact me if this is an issue for your family and we will work on a solution.

    Whether students are completing the digital assignments or non-digital assignments, please note that assignments will only be provided for math, social studies, science, and English at this time. Many teachers will be communicating using email.  Please check to make sure that emails from your teachers are not going into your spam folder (several parents have discovered this recently).

    Also, all grades given during this time away will either be “Pass” or “Incomplete.” Since we are uncertain if our return will again be delayed, no decision has been made at this time as to how this Pass/Incomplete will compute into the final grade average. I hope that this helps to reassure you that we are all in this together and we will work hard to help you and your family find success in schooling from home.

    Parkside families, your entire RamFam looks forward to working with you through this new journey.  Thank you so much for your patience and cooperation during this time! We will continue to communicate with you regularly as necessary. Your teachers are ready and willing to do whatever is needed to support your student’s continued learning. Please reach out to your child’s teacher, counselor, grade level administrator, or me if we can help in any way!!

    Thank you ,

    Kimberly Pinhey, Your Parkside Principal