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    Guidance Counselor


    9th Grade

    Ms. Klaverweiden

    Ms. Harmon

    A-D (10th, 11th, & 12th )

    Mrs. Riggin

    Mr. Lasinski

    E-J (10th, 11th, & 12th )

    Ms. Payton

    Mr. Smith

    K-Q (10th, 11th, & 12th )

    Mr. Serig

    Mr. Dunn

    R-Z (10th, 11th, & 12th 

    Ms. Rosa

    Mr. Lewis



    School Counseling Services are available in all Wicomico County Schools. Certified School Counselors are assigned to each school and some schools also have a Student Advisor to assist groups of students.

    The School Counselors of Wicomico County Public Schools advocate for all students by providing a comprehensive developmental guidance program that nurtures the students’ social, emotional, academic, personal and college and career readiness skills to equip the students to be self-actualized and therefore become productive citizens.

    School counselors at the middle and high school level teach classes to help students become career and college ready.  They set goals, explore their strengths and explore careers that are related to their areas of interest.  When they move into high school the Naviance program helps them get ready for the postsecondary admission process or career applications.
    Naviance is a comprehensive college and career readiness solution for middle and high schools that helps align student strengths and interests to post-secondary goals. It also allows students to create a plan for their futures by helping them discover their individual strengths and learning styles and explore college and career options based on their results.

    Inside Naviance, students can find scholarships, apply to colleges, and request letters of recommendation from teachers. 
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    Student Service Learning

    Maryland Public Schools engage their students in service learning experiences to help students become active participants in making a difference in their community on a local and global level.  Students are required to complete 75 service learning hours, which can be achieved in multiple ways.  

    Student service learning hours are reported thru x2Vol, which is part of Naviance.