Belief Statements

  •     A high achieving school is one that provides a meaningful foundation by putting learning and instruction first.
    ·         An effective classroom is one in which learning occurs through development of a creative, exciting environment that encourages students to think.
    ·         A quality instructional program includes a rigorous core curriculum that gives students a variety of learning experiences which will help them become college and career ready.
    ·         A successful student is able to stay on task, set goals, and periodically self-evaluate.
    ·         A successful student is able to take responsibility for his/her own learning and perform to his/her potential.
    ·         An effective school is one in which all students and staff can be safe, comfortable, and successful.
    ·         An effective school is one which promotes community interaction.
    ·         A highly effective teacher is one who develops, communicates, and enforces appropriate standards to promote students’ educational, social, and emotional growth.