• Message to our parents

            As we make our way into autumn and look forward to instructional and social events at our
    school, we may look back to a wonderful opening of our school year. With September gone, we
    must celebrate a positive fundraiser as our students came forward to support our classrooms and
    our school. Thanks to our parents and friends of FIS for purchasing some products to enable us to
    count on the profits to enhance classroom experiences. We expect delivery by early November; we
    will let you know when you may obtain your products.

           Our teachers have begun to employ strategies that they learned this summer from professional development sessions. The English/Language Arts classrooms are vibrant places where students engage with a variety of texts on topics and subjects that interest them. Students have been
    and will continue to write in response to reading text even as they read at their levels and beyond.
    Our teachers are excited that they have an expanded opportunity to read aloud novels, and our
    students are attentive to their teachers as they listen to and interact with the stories and each
    other through reading and writing.

           As we look ahead, we look forward to our Fun Run, scheduled for Friday afternoon, October
    11, from 5:00 - 7:00 p.m. Thanks to our PTA through the leadership of Mrs. Streng and Mrs.
    McGowan, our physical education teacher, for organizing the event and encouraging our students
    and families to come out to support our school and be in fellowship with each other. Registration
    continues at the door for those who are not pre-registered. Come out for a walk, a run, or to race.
    Stay for fellowship, fun and food as vendors will be here; a portion of the proceeds will return to
    our PTA so that we may continue to bring such events to our community.

           There is more PTA news. Please join us at Fruitland Primary School on October 21, at 5:00
    p.m., for our business meeting and visits with teachers. Our partners at the primary school will
    host the meeting; some of our students will perform songs; and the administrative staff will present new information concerning the code of conduct. You may visit teachers for brief conversations; parent conferences may be scheduled if you need to connect for prolonged discussions.

           We continue to bring additional programs to our school to enhance students' experiences.
    Mr. Mapp has begun a Lego League after school. Mr. Owens has begun a soccer program after
    school, as well. Mr. Schell & Mrs. McGowan have begun their walking club before school. Mrs.
    Burns & Mrs. Wight have begun our Destination Imagination program. We look forward to our
    basketball program in a few months. We have invited Scouts and the Salisbury Zoo to be a part of
    our school community. Please take advantage of these and other opportunities as you consider our
    school within the context of Fruitland, Allen, Eden, Siloam, Whayland, St. Lukes, Salisbury and
    the rest of southern Wicomico County.

           Please consider the safety information that we have included on the second page of this
    newsletter. We continue to work to build our collective capacity to prevent emergencies and react
    to unexpected events.