• Message to our parents

    As I indicated last week, our district restructured our early dismissal day for next week. Now, students will be dismissed from instruction on Wednesday afternoon, after lunch, instead of Friday. Then, on Friday, teachers will provide instruction, as usual, with our regular attendance expectations. So, expect an early dismissal on Wednesday, with a regularly scheduled day on Friday.

    Please consider that we continue to manage our virtual learning experiences remotely for almost all our students at Fruitland Intermediate School. Messages like this morning’s message concerning a fog delay almost always will not affect your children’s virtual classrooms. Our teachers expected and will expect students in their virtual classrooms for all scheduled classes at the regularly scheduled times. Fog delays affect only those students who attend on-site instruction in our district’s schools. Right now, that includes only four students on two days of the week. As we approach November 30, and as we implement our plans for more students to return to FIS for in-person instruction, we will adjust our expectations and attend to the instructions that our district provides for those who are coming to school. At that point in the school year, we will be sure to delay both virtual and in-person instruction, if necessary; right now, however, we will continue virtual instruction at scheduled times, even when in-person instruction is delayed.

    As you know, we continue to work on a plan for returning students to in-person instruction here at school. All our plans are subject to change and some are ongoing, but I wanted to share a partial framework for our return to in-person instruction: We have identified students who will return, coordinated with our primary school partners, built an enhanced schedule, prepared classrooms with learning stations appropriately spaced, and assigned teams to build lessons to address our COVID expectations, among many other tasks. Over the next weeks, we will continue to build our plans and publish them to our website as they are completed. We thank you for your patience and your support; continue to reach out to us with your questions and concerns.

    Mr. Hughes, director of transportation for our schools, wanted me to remind families that school bus routes may be changing beginning next weeks since some grades one and two students are returning to schools on Monday. This will not affect students at our school immediately, of course, but some younger siblings’ schedules may be different.

    And this, a reminder that our first marking period concludes on Tuesday, November 10. Please encourage your child to complete all activities, assignments, assessments and projects that our teachers have prepared. And, please ensure that all of these items are submitted or posted so your child gets credit for the work that he or she has completed.

    We hope that you have a wonderful weekend of rest and recreation. Be safe and well!