• Message to our parents            

    As we come through the last few weeks of the third marking period, we continue to mark time and recognize that our fourth marking period rapidly approaches. That means, of course, assessment season is upon us. We are focused upon the alphabet soup of MISA, PARCC, and associated local interim and other assessments. We trust that you are considering the information that our teachers are sending your way so that you may prepare your children with adequate rest and energy to attend to these important tests.

    As we have come into the spring, our office team has been receiving increasing numbers of forms asking school officials to acknowledge vacations and other extended absences. As I always have done, I will continue to acknowledge your request with an “approved” certification; however, I will continue to indicate “unexcused” on the form to recognize that the approval is not for an authorized absence due to illness. I fully understand that parents have control and authority over their children, and I will not refuse to acknowledge that you may take your children wherever you please. And, I understand that my refusal to excuse such absences will not dissuade parents from such trips. I am acknowledging the significance of students’ engaging experiences in our classrooms, time that will be lost if students are not at desks in classrooms. In addition, our school’s rating, according to the state and national measures, is affected significantly by students’ attendance rates.

    Please ask your children about Ned, a character with whom they have become reacquainted, and who has encouraged students to foster the “Power of Yet,” “Spark Courage in Others” and to “Keep Learning & Growing.” Ned’s Mindset Mission assembly was a reminder to students to accept responsibility for themselves and to build capacity in others. This assembly came free; the producers have provided promotional materials for sale to defray the cost. Students have an opportunity to purchase yo-yos and other tokens to support this effort through Tuesday, March 19th. For a nominal cost, students may support this and future efforts as we continue to “pay it forward.”

    Thanks to Mrs. Dickerson, Mrs. Bruce and Mrs. Johnson for leading our efforts to provide a Talent Show for our parents, families and friends. They are in the middle of auditioning and practicing for the show at which our students will perform on March 20, at JMB auditorium, at 6:00 p.m. Come out and support our students; admission for children is $2; adults are $5. Proceeds support our PBIS efforts to impact positive behaviors in our school and classrooms.

    Thanks to Mrs. Bruce and Mr. Burton for continuing to support our students as they prepare for our spring concert, scheduled for May 8, 6:00 p.m. Our orchestra & band students are practicing diligently; our singers are working hard, as well. Please plan on joining us back at JMB auditorium for this event.

    Thanks to Mrs. Dickerson, as well, for leading our Hittin’ Hoops basketball events. We have selected students to participate in this league and look forward to our games. Thanks, too, to our coaches: Mr. Dickerson and Mr. Shrieves for leading our students.