• Message to our parents


                     We recently met with our parent advisory and PTA executive teams to continue to build relationships, encourage positive communication and support our efforts to build into the community of learners. Through our discussions, we recognized that we began migrating to a more electronic-based messaging system several years ago. Our web and Facebook presence enhances our efforts to share information, celebrate successes and elicit support for our school & students. Seemingly, we have been able to maintain open lines of communication through these electronic means. However, our teams appreciate the paper calendar of events; we will continue to publish this newsletter with the understanding that the electronic calendars likely will be more up-to-date, especially as we move towards the end of each month.

                Recently, our district partners encouraged participation in a research study in which several of our students were interviewed by a researcher to explore science concepts and to develop a better understanding of science processes, instruction and assessment. We are pleased to be chosen for the study as it will be an ongoing three-year process with professional development, donations of materials of instruction and published results. We thank our initial participants and look forward to a greater benefit to our school as the study continues.

                Our first marking period ends as we wrap up assignments, assessments and grades that will support our first term report cards. We trust that there will be no angst; we encouraged and encourage connections that reduce or eliminate surprises. We continue to encourage you to access the Family Portal as you monitor grades and assignments. You may navigate to the portal through our district’s website. Find the “For Families” tab on the website and click on “Family Portal.” If this is your first time to the site, you may view the login instructions found there.

                We remind you that our district is providing additional opportunities for learning coupled with a healthy dose of fun. Please look for the registration for STEM Saturdays, events that are found once a month in schools and other places around the district including Salisbury University and the Parkside Planetarium. Please register your child for any or all the programs, and watch the excitement happen right before your eyes!

                As we approach Thanksgiving, we count our blessings as we recognize all that we can be thankful for. We appreciate our students & families, we are thankful for the support of our PTA & Parent Advisory Team, and we are grateful for our greater Fruitland community here on the south side of the district. We must acknowledge that some of our families are struggling, especially during the holiday season. If you are feeling the pinch, please connect with us at school. We have some limited resources that we may share. On the weekends, we are able to provide some provisions through our food bank affiliation. As we approach the winter holidays, we may be able to support you through local faith- and law-enforcement partners. If your child needs supplies, a bookbag or notebooks, we may be able to help. Please get a message to Mrs. Dickerson or a school administrator if you need assistance. Let us help you!