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    **Practice counting every night**
    How high can you count?
    Try to count 2 numbers higher the next night.

    At the end of the year:
    Pre-K should be able to count to 20
    Kindergarten should be able to count to 100
    1st grade should be able to count to 120

    Find numbers around your house and name them.
    Look at:
    *food packages
    *license plates on cars
    *street signs
    *house numbers
    *grocery store price label

    When can we count?
    *at home
    *in the car
    *at bath time
    *on a walk

    What else can we do with numbers?
    *Compare them (what number is greater? less?)
    *add them together
    *take them apart (how many ways can we make 4?)

    Practice solving number stories.

    Ezryn had some markers. He gave Teagan 4 markers. Now Ezryn has 6 markers. How many markers did Ezryn have?

    Aaliyah had 4 hair bows. Mrs. Thompson gave her some more. Now Aaliyah has 9 hair bows. How many did Mrs. Thompson give her?

    Kylee has 2 baby dolls. Mariah gave her 2 more dolls. How many dolls does she have now?