Wicomico County Public Schools Central Office


  • Wicomico County Public Schools educate approximately 15,000 students every day, from pre-kindergarten through grade 12. Full-day preschool classrooms ensure that over 600 three and four-year-olds enter school with critical early literacy and numeracy skills.

    WCPS offers a wide-range of academically challenging programs including NexGen STEM Academy, Career and Technology Education, Magnet programs and more. We have four grades 9 through 12 high school, three grades 6 through 8 middle schools, 2 combination elementary/middle schools, 15 elementary schools, 1 early learning center, 1 evening high school, and Choices Academy.

    WCPS is proud of its 1,276 classroom teachers, who are focused each day on helping students achieve at the highest levels. Our teachers are led and inspired by 57 principals and site directors. Established in 1868, we currently employ close to 2,400 full-time staff members.