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    Please take note of the upcoming SkillsUSA events:


    • SkillsUSA State competition permission slips are due Monday, February 24, 2020ALL contestants MUST submit a one page resume by Friday, March 6, 2020 for review.  Students may email me their resume:  Please let me know if anyone needs assistance with completing their resume.  Once I receive ALL permission slip, I will begin the process of ordering any SkillsUSA Official uniforms as needed.


    • SkillsUSA Honor Cord Achievement Teacher Evaluation and payment:  Open to ALL SkillsUSA members that are completing your program this year and/or SkillsUSA members that competed your program last year and did not receive their cord last year.  Teacher evaluation and payment is due Friday, March 6, 2020.  Student’s portfolio is due Friday, May 8, 2020.  See attachment for more details.



    • CTE Signing Day is Friday, May 8, 2020.  This event will highlight all Senior students that have secure  employment in their CTE program and/ or enlisted in the Armed Forces upon graduation.  I am requesting that you assisted me with this project by compiling a list of students in your program.  I am aware that many students finished your program as Juniors last year; therefore, your help will make sure I do not miss anyone. 






    SkillsUSA Region 1 Esthetics competition results are:

    2nd Place:  Isabella Nastasi (contestant) & Gracie Bounds (model)

    3rd Place:  Zecorah Mazzetti (contestant) & Trini Mendes Rivera (model)


    SkillsUSA Local Competition Winners 2020

    Nursing Assistant Prepared Speech:

     1st place Cheyenne Stevenson (JMB)


    Automotive Technology:

    1st place   Nicholas Hicks - MHS

    2nd place   Patrick Knoll - PHS

    3rd place   Patrick Maguire - PHS



    1st place   William Calloway - PHS

    2nd place   Ethan Corry - PHS

    3rd place   Jorryn Pearson - PHS


    Collision Repair:

    1st place    Braden West - JMB

    2nd place   Greg Zimmerman - WHS

    3rd place   Katelin Yates - MHS 


    Computer Assisted Drafting and Design (CADD):

     Architectural Drafting:

    1st place    Abigail Creager - JMB

    2nd place   Farida Jacinthe - PHS 

    3rd place   NA


    Technical Drafting:

    1st place    Aidan Patterson - JMB

    2nd place   Cole Senft - PHS

    3rd place   Anderson Arthur - WHS


    Cosmetology:  Esthetics

    1st Place   Isabella Nastasi - PHS 

    2nd place   Zecorah Mazzetti - PHS

    3rd place   Alteisha Shivers - WHS


    Cosmetology:  Hair Design

    1st place   Jae’Den Lewis - WHS

    2nd place   Maribel Teles-Teles - WHS

    3rd place   Richelle Fields - PHS


    Criminal Justice:

    1st place   Kentrae Wallace - WHS

    2nd place   Nick Rickards - PHS

    3rd place   Jasmine Conway - WHS


    Early Childhood Education:

    1st place    Jada Askins - PHS

    2nd place   Camille Waters - WHS

    3rd place   Makayla Johnson - WHS


    Health Occupations/Nursing Assistant Contest:

    1st place   Kailee Nichols - PHS

    2nd place   Regan Bunting - PHS

    3rd place   Brendy Hairston - WHS


    Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC):

    1st place   Matthew Taylor - MHS

    2nd place   Cole Cooper - PHS 

    3rd place   Takai Milbourne - WHS


    High Performance Manufacturing: CNC Milling Specialist: 

    1st place   Dylan Gore - PHS

    1st place   Dylan Gore - PHS

    3rd place   Diego Lorenzen-Espinoza - JMB


    High Performance Manufacturing: CNC Technician:

    1st place   Austin Dalfonso - PHS 

    2nd place   Evan Horwat - PHS



    1st place   Colby Crowl - MHS

    2nd place   James Burton - WHS

    3rd place   Wesley Price - MHS


    Nursing Assistant Job Skills Demo A:

    1st place   Xaniya Woods - PHS

    2nd place   Sadie Hall - PHS

    3rd place   Brinay Marshall - MHS



    1st place   Caden Chronister - PHS

    2nd place   Clay Cox - MHS

    3rd place   William Creager - JMB

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