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  • Informaiton for Week of May 26th  Online Learning


    Phase 1 Learning April 6th - April 15th

    Phase 2 Learning April 16th - April 24th

    Phase 3 Learning April 27- May 8th

    Phase 4 Learning May 11th - May 22nd

    Phase 5 Learning May 26th - June 12th


    Last day for school is June 12th



    SkillsUSA Region 1 Esthetics competition results are:

    2nd Place:  Isabella Nastasi (contestant) & Gracie Bounds (model)

    3rd Place:  Zecorah Mazzetti (contestant) & Trini Mendes Rivera (model)


    SkillsUSA Local Competition Winners 2020

    Nursing Assistant Prepared Speech:

     1st place Cheyenne Stevenson (JMB)


    Automotive Technology:

    1st place   Nicholas Hicks - MHS

    2nd place   Patrick Knoll - PHS

    3rd place   Patrick Maguire - PHS



    1st place   William Calloway - PHS

    2nd place   Ethan Corry - PHS

    3rd place   Jorryn Pearson - PHS


    Collision Repair:

    1st place    Braden West - JMB

    2nd place   Greg Zimmerman - WHS

    3rd place   Katelin Yates - MHS 


    Computer Assisted Drafting and Design (CADD):

     Architectural Drafting:

    1st place    Abigail Creager - JMB

    2nd place   Farida Jacinthe - PHS 

    3rd place   NA


    Technical Drafting:

    1st place    Aidan Patterson - JMB

    2nd place   Cole Senft - PHS

    3rd place   Anderson Arthur - WHS


    Cosmetology:  Esthetics

    1st Place   Isabella Nastasi - PHS 

    2nd place   Zecorah Mazzetti - PHS

    3rd place   Alteisha Shivers - WHS


    Cosmetology:  Hair Design

    1st place   Jae’Den Lewis - WHS

    2nd place   Maribel Teles-Teles - WHS

    3rd place   Richelle Fields - PHS


    Criminal Justice:

    1st place   Kentrae Wallace - WHS

    2nd place   Nick Rickards - PHS

    3rd place   Jasmine Conway - WHS


    Early Childhood Education:

    1st place    Jada Askins - PHS

    2nd place   Camille Waters - WHS

    3rd place   Makayla Johnson - WHS


    Health Occupations/Nursing Assistant Contest:

    1st place   Kailee Nichols - PHS

    2nd place   Regan Bunting - PHS

    3rd place   Brendy Hairston - WHS


    Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC):

    1st place   Matthew Taylor - MHS

    2nd place   Cole Cooper - PHS 

    3rd place   Takai Milbourne - WHS


    High Performance Manufacturing: CNC Milling Specialist: 

    1st place   Dylan Gore - PHS

    1st place   Dylan Gore - PHS

    3rd place   Diego Lorenzen-Espinoza - JMB


    High Performance Manufacturing: CNC Technician:

    1st place   Austin Dalfonso - PHS 

    2nd place   Evan Horwat - PHS



    1st place   Colby Crowl - MHS

    2nd place   James Burton - WHS

    3rd place   Wesley Price - MHS


    Nursing Assistant Job Skills Demo A:

    1st place   Xaniya Woods - PHS

    2nd place   Sadie Hall - PHS

    3rd place   Brinay Marshall - MHS



    1st place   Caden Chronister - PHS

    2nd place   Clay Cox - MHS

    3rd place   William Creager - JMB

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