3rd Grade Math


    Maryland College and Career Ready Standards


    In Grade 3, the majority of instructional time should focus on two critical areas: (1) operations of multiplication and division and (2) the concept of fractions.  These concepts are introduced early in the year in order to build a foundation for students to revisit and extend their conceptual understanding with respect to these concepts as the year progresses.  To continue the study of geometry, students describe and analyze shapes by their sides, angles, and definitions.  Students need to generalize and apply strategies for computational fluency.


    1. Students develop an understanding of the operations of multiplication and division through area models, arrays, pictorial representation and equations.By the end of the year, students recall all products of two single-digit numbers.
    2. Students develop understanding of fractions as numbers, and compare and reason about fraction sizes.This work with fractions is a cornerstone for developing reasoning skills and conceptual understanding of fraction size and fractions as part of the number system throughout this year and their future work with fractions and ratios.