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  • Welcome to the WellAware Employee Wellness Program!

    WellAware is a fun, easy way to earn up to $250 to purchase wellness and other products, connect with co-workers, family and friends, and get healthier! It’s FREE to all benefited employees. You're probably already doing some of the activities, so you might as well get rewarded! And don’t worry – no one in the school system ever sees your personal health information!


    Below are links to videos explaining different aspects of the program (including how to join), featuring some of your co-workers. There are also printables to help you get registered, etc. New content such as pictures from employee activities will be added, so be sure to come back here often!

WellAware "How To" Videos

  • What is WellAware and How Does It Work   Why Should I Join WellAware    How Do I Register    How Do I Get Started with the Virgin Pulse App
    How Can I Spend MoneyWhat Is Tracking    How do I add friends and family    What sorts of things can I learn
    How do I create a challenge    How do I start my own group for an activityWhere are things on the platform    How do I get help 
    Does WellAware get results