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    WellAware is a fun, interactive, and easy way to earn up to $250 to purchase wellness and other products, connect with co-workers, family and friends, and get healthier. It’s FREE to all benefited employees. You're probably already doing some of the activities, so you might as well get rewarded! And don’t worry – no one in the school system ever sees your personal health information.


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    *CareFirst resources

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  • WellAware Videos -- Overview & "How Tos" featuring YOUR co-workers!


    What is WellAware and How Does It Work   Why Should I Join WellAware    How Do I Register    How Do I Get Started with the Virgin Pulse App
    How Can I Spend MoneyWhat Is Tracking    How do I add friends and family    What sorts of things can I learn
    How do I create a challenge    How do I start my own group for an activity    How do I get help Does WellAware get results     

    Where are things on the platform?  

  • WellAware Printable Instructions

  • FAQs

    Q: Why can't I find Wicomico County Public Schools in the list of sponsoring organizations when I try to register on Virgin Pulse?

    A: We are not listed as Wicomico County Public Schools. You have to use "WCPS".

    Q: Why is Virgin Pulse having trouble matching me with my sponsor?

    A: Be sure to use "WCPS" not the full name as the sponsor name.

    A: You may be entering your Employee ID # incorrectly. Be sure to use the full number, starting with the "E" as it appears on your badge, including any zeros.

    A: Make sure to use zeros instead of the letter "O".

    A: You may already have an account. Once registered, you can't register again.

    A: If you were just hired in the past few weeks, the system may not have you listed yet.

    Q: I submitted my Physician's form. How do I know the $50 has been credited to my Virgin Pulse account?

    A: You should receive an email from USWellness (our platform manager) within 3 days of submission letting you know that they have submitted it to Virgin Pulse (our platform provider) for payment. You should see the $50 in your Virgin Pulse account after 5 days. Allowing 8 - 10 days should work.

    To double check that the amount was credited, log into your VP account, go to the Rewards page, click the My Earnings tab, and you will be able to see what you have earned and for what. You can also confirm credit by logging into your account and looking for a green check mark next to Complete Physician Form button at the top of the homepage.

    Q: I participated in an activity for which I am to earn WellAware points. How do I claim them?

    A: Anyone earning points for an activity will receive an email from the Employee Wellness Coordinator within 2 weeks of the end of the activity. This email will provide everything you need to know about how to claim your points. You must complete the actions described in the email, as points are not automatically awarded on Virgin Pulse.

    Q: I forgot my password. What do I do?

    A: Please read this article and follow the directions.

    Q: Does my Pulse Cash roll over to the new year or expire?

    A: Yes, your cash rolls over from year to year. Your cash never expires, but you will not be able to spend it once you are no longer with the organization, so be sure to spend it if your account is pending cancellation. You can see your total earnings by going to Rewards --> My Earnings --> My Totals Earned.

    Q: Why did my WellAware/Virgin Pulse points reset to zero?

    A: The WellAware program year runs May 1st -- April 30th, meaning that you always have 365 days to accumulate points for that year's $250 reward. This process starts over every May 1st, so whatever amount you earned for the previous year is all you can earn for that year and you have a new opportunity to earn another $250 in the new program year.

  • CareFirst Resources


    While WellAware and CareFirst sometimes partner on activities for staff, they are two different programs which require creating separate accounts to access content.

    • WellAware is WCPS' employee wellness program that uses Virgin Pulse as its online platform.
      • Please see the Videos and Printable Instructions sections of this page.
    • CareFirst is WCPS' employee insurance program that uses WellBeing as its online platform.
      • Please see the WellBeing documents in this section of this page (visible after clicking "more").

    Please note that Noom will ask a lot of the same health information as the CareFirst RealAge health assessment. If you do not want to complete the health assessment, you may hit "Pause" in the top right corner and move directly to Noom or other content. You may complete the health assessment later, if you wish.

    This section is provided under WellAware as a courtesy, and is not a replacement for the actual CareFirst website and does not include all the resources available to you. 

    CareFirst programs/services are available FREE to WCPS employees covered by CareFirst insurance.  

  • Click on the image below to watch a video about the FREE Noom program CareFirst is now offering to insureds.


    CareFirst Noom video title slide

  • WellAware Photo Gallery