• Magnet  Description

    Thinking And Doing (TAD) Description

    High Performing Learners


    Gifted and Talented Learners

    Wicomico County's program for high achieving students.

    Wicomico County's Gifted and Talented Progam according to COMAR.


    Grades 3-5


    Grades 3-8

    Daily In-Class Instruction


    Pull-Out Instruction Once Per Cycle

    Whole Class


    Small Group

    Students are given traditional grades based on performance on assessments, homework, classwork, etc. 

    Grades are not given. Students complete self assessments and teachers provide written feedback and hold parent conferences.


    Housed in one school- North Salisbury


    Taught in all schools grades 3-8



    Content is curriculum based and aligned with Maryland's Common Core Ready Standards (MDCCRS).

    Content is not aligned with the state curriculum. Provides enrichment opportunities to students and may address some of the same content as state.