• Members of the public are welcome to review instructional materials that are being considered for classroom-level, large-group instruction in WCPS.  These types of resources are reviewed by teams including teachers, content-area supervisors, parents, and students prior to being presented at Curriculum Council.  The Curriculum Council may recommend to the Superintendent that the resource be approved for use within WCPS.  The resource is then presented at two successive Board meetings for 1st and 2nd (final) readings.  Between the 1st and 2nd reading, interested members of the Wicomico County community may review and provide input on these resources.  The specific resources open for comment and instructions for viewing them will be displayed below.  This page will be updated after each Board meeting in which action on instructional resources is taken. 


  • November 9, 2021 Board Meeting Action

    Approved for Second/Final Reading and Adoption - Wild Wings by Gill Lewis, 4th Grade

    Approved for Second/Final Reading and Adoption - Third Grade Angels by Jerry Spinelli, 3rd Grade

    Approved for First Reading - Cengage suite of five textbook titles for use in High School Business Education pathways: Accounting, Business Administrative Services, and Marketing.  Titles include:

    • Century 21 Accounting, 11th ed - Multicolumn Journal
    • Marketing
    • Principles of Business: Operations, Marketing, Finance, & Management
    • Microsoft Office 365 Excel
    • Microsoft Office 365 Word

    Wicomico County citizens interested in reviewing these books prior to the Second Reading at the December 14 Board of Education meeting should enter all of the requested information at this link, then click the 'send' button.  You will be contacted so that arrangements can be made for you to review the book(s) and complete a Citizen's Review form.  All reviews will take place at the WCPS Central Office at 2424 Northgate Dr., Salisbury.

    October 12, 2021 Board Meeting Action

    Approved for First Reading - Wild Wings by Gill Lewis, 4th Grade

    Approved for First Reading - Third Grade Angels by Jerry Spinelli, 3rd Grade