• School Improvement is about building the capacity of schools and staff to fulfill their primary function: to provide instruction that results in a high degree of learning for all students. The heart of real School Improvement is a commitment to continous, data-driven improvement. 

    This process allows participants to:

    • Focus on an important learning problem
    • Devise a strategy to collet data to identify the root cause of the problem
    • Analyze the data
    • Take action basedon what is learned
    • Collect data to see if the action taken has influenced the identified problem

    School Improvement is hard work. To be most effective, the school improvement process must be both interactive and recursive, engaging key stakeholders and focusing attention on actions leading to continous improvement. School Improvement does not happen in isolation. It must occur simultaneoulsy at the whole school, grade and/or subject team, classroom and student levels. 


    Dr. Bonnie Ennis
    Supervisor of School Improvement, Accountability, and Strategic Planning