Q. Why are there criteria regarding student eligibility?

    A. The eligibility requirements are in place to ensure that students are academically able to meet the rigors of the NeXgen Academy curriculum. NeXgen Academy classes in math, science, English/language arts, and social studies will be taught at the EX (extended) level.          Students should be prepared for high expectations in terms of the amount and rigor of reading, writing, and problem solving. Students will be expected to apply content from multiple content areas in order to solve larger problems that extend beyond any single class.

    Q. How are students selected for the NeXgen STEM Academy, featuring Project Lead The Way -Gateway?
    A. To be eligible for consideration, students must have a GPA of at least 3.25, a Reading Inventory score placing them in at least the 60th percentile, and either a score of 4 or above on the Grade 4 Math PARCC or an average of 80 on the first two Grade 5 Math Interim
        Assessments. All eligible students are welcome to express their interest in joining the NeXgen Academy. Due to staffing and space constraints, 50 of the eligible students who express interest will be selected. The selection will be done by a random draw. All students who
        meet the eligibilityrequirements and express interest will have an equal chance of being selected.

    Q. When will I find out if my student has been selected?

    A. Parents of all students who expressed interest in the NeXgen Academy will receive a letter by the end of the school year indicating whether the student was selected in the random drawing.

    Q. What if a student is randomly selected and then decides he/she does not want to be part of this team?

    A. If a randomly-selected student decides over the summer that they do not want to participate in the NeXgen Academy, please inform Mrs. Kris Gosnell, principal of Salisbury Middle School, right away. We anticipate that there will be strong interest in the
        NeXgen Academy program, and we would like to be able to offer the opportunity to a nother randomly-selected student not initially chosen for participation.
    Q. Is there an appeal process if my child is not selected?

    A. Since the selection is completed using a random drawing, there is no appeal process.

    Q. I would like my student to participate in an interdisciplinary team like this, but he/she is not interested in STEM topics. Are there other signature programs?

    A. We are planning an expansion of the signature programs to include other themes. More information will come out in the 2018-2019 school year, as these plans develop.

    Q. If my child takes part in the NeXgen Academy, will he/she still be able to take the full range of middle school classes?

    A. Though the focus of this signature program is science and technology, your child will be involved in a well-rounded program, including electives not associated specifically with STEM.

    Q. What if my child doesn’t like the NeXgen Academy or doesn’t do well academically? Can they leave and return to the home school?

    A. Part of the reason there are eligibility requirements is because this is a rigorous program. The NeXgen Academy team teachers are committed to the success of their students, and it is the expectation that students remain on this team throughout middle school. In
        extreme cases, the team and school administrators will meet with the student and parent(s)/guardians(s) to make any determinations regarding exiting the program.

    Q. Does my child need to be enrolled in Wicomico County Public Schools for 5th grade in order to be eligible for the NeXgen Academy?

    A. The entrance criteria include assessments that are given to Wicomico County students as part of their participation in the Wicomico County Public Schools curriculum. There is no opportunity to take these assessments outside of the normal public school program.    
        Therefore, the NeXgen Academy is offered as an opportunity to current Wicomico County Public Schools 5th grade students as they transition to middle school.