Return To School Action Plan/Dates

  • Hello, Wicomico school families. This is Donna Hanlin, Superintendent of Schools, with some important information from today’s Board of Education meeting regarding the planned schedule for all grade levels eventually returning to school buildings.

    Prekindergarten will begin in-person instruction next week, every day except Wednesday. The week of October 26th, Kindergarten students and some students receiving Special Education services will begin hybrid learning, with students divided into one of two groups for instruction in school two days a week and learning online the other three days. Hybrid learning will allow for recommended physical distancing in classrooms and on buses. Grades 1 and 2 will return the week of November 9th. The other grades will follow with hybrid learning.

    Several weeks before a grade level will return to the classroom on a hybrid schedule, parents and guardians will have the opportunity to choose for the student to participate in hybrid learning or to continue with all virtual learning, and to let us know if a student doing hybrid learning would use school transportation. We wanted you to know now what is planned, with the awareness that the schedule is subject to change based on health metrics and other factors. We continue to communicate and collaborate regularly with the Wicomico County Health Department.

     The complete return-to-school buildings schedule that was shared during today’s Board meeting is posted in the photos below and social media. Please review the schedule so you know when the student or students in your family would be likely to return.

    Thank you for continuing to support your student during the 2020-2021 school year.

Return to School Dates/Action Plan
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