The Wicomico County Board of Education acknowledges its responsibility to provide all students with appropriate educational programs. We are committed to identifying academically gifted students and to addressing their unique abilities and needs

      The TAD units of study focus on developing the following skills:

    • critical thinking, reasoning, problem solving, and logic skills
    • creative thinking skills
    • communication skills
    • personal growth and social development skills
    • the ability to become an independent and self-directed learner
    • the ability to use advance technologies as a resource and communication tool

    The student-centered activities that are embedded in each unit provide students with multiple opportunities to develop and strengthen:


    • Students demonstrate the ability to use fluency, flexibility, originality, and elaboration.
    • Students demonstrate the use of the brainstorming process in creative problem solving.
    • Students show knowledge of various creative thinking strategies by using convergent and divergent thinking processes to complete an original product.

    Problem Solving

    • Students demonstrate a basic understanding of creative problem solving skills.
    • Students participate in small group activities to generate solutions and ideas through brainstorming.
    • Students develop problem solving techniques by participating in groups to generate solutions to ill-structured problems.

    Research Skills

    • Students develop the skills needed for independent study by defining a topic or issue and by participating in group brainstorming sessions to develop ideas related to the topic.
    • Students devise a plan for research.
    • Students use appropriate levels of resources such as videos, maps, dictionary, atlas, books, computers, surveys, interviews, graphs, magazines, and newspapers, etc.
    • Students determine the relevancy of research materials found by collecting and sorting data and materials related to the topic.
    • Students develop note-taking skills.
    • Students analyze and organize notes into a meaningful format.
    • Students prepare a product to show research findings.

    Communication Skills

    • Students participate effectively in a group discussion.
    • Students communicate verbally by recognizing and practicing techniques of public speaking.
    • Students give visual presentations ( posters, bulletin board, videos, electronic media, etc. )
    • Students communicate in written format.

    Thinking Skills

    • Students implement techniques for logical thinking by solving deductive reasoning problems.
    • Students develop techniques for critical thinking.
    • Students develop techniques for inductive inquiry.
    • Students strengthen visual thinking techniques.
    • Students apply techniques for making analogies.

    Affective Skills

    • Students assess and clarify feelings about giftedness.
    • Students assess feelings about themselves and their peers.
    • Students assess feelings about issues.

    Successful T.A.D. students will develop the skills and attitudes necessary to become productive, independent learners and effective leaders.