• How Parents/Guardians Can Register for Family Portal:

    Set Up Login

    • Student's full last name (all lower case, special characters and spaces removed, not to exceed 14 characters)
    • The last 5 digits of the student's local ID number (printed on student schedules and report cards)
    • First initial of student first name


    John A. Smith-Jones with the local ID number 110098765

    The login is smithjones98765j


    Set up Password

    • Student's 5 digit lunch number (this is temporary, you will choose a new password the first time you log on.


    John A. Smith-Jones with lunch number 98765

    The temporary password is 98765


    The login and password for John A. Smith-Jones with local student ID# 110098765 and lunch number 98765

    Login: smithjones98765j

    Password: 98765

    *Choose a new password when you log on