• What is an Edmentum class?


    • Choices Academy does not have the staff to teach a wide variety of electives. So, to get credit for some elective classes, you will be enrolled in an online course equivalent while attending Choices Academy on a platform called Edmentum.

    How do students log in to their Edmentum class?



    • Go to: login.edmentum.comEdmentum's login page
    • Account login = WSPS1
    • User Name = CH_ (School Computer Username)
      • Your School Computer Username is your: Last Name, First Name Initial, and Last 5 Number of the Student’s Local ID
      • Ex. steinb12345
    • Password= (School Computer Password)
      • Your School Computer Password  is your school lunch number and 3 zeros
      • Ex.86753000

    How are Edmentum classes graded?


    • Students are graded according to how well students have done with the assignments and how far they have progressed in the course. If you are unsure how far your student should be in the class, email your student's Edmentum teacher. For full details, see the online learning grading criteria below.