• google classroom

    Steps for logging in at home (The 1st time):


    Go to the Internet (Chrome if Possible)


    Navigate to classroom.google.com


    Click on [Sign In] 

         If you or a parent already has a google account on the computer, click the Account icon in the top right corner of the screen

    account log in

         Choose, "Add Another Account"

    add another account

         Enter your school email account (as described below) and choose, "G Suite Account owned by wcboe.org"

    g suite

         (please note that students will be unable to join their teacher's Google classroom if they are using a personal Google account)


    Students should use their school email which is username@students.wcboe.org. You may be directed to the county’s organizational page where you will need to put in the same username again. (ex: smithg12345@students.wcboe.org)


    Use school password (lunch number plus 000)


    Once logged in, click on “waffle” at top right to get to Classroom.




    You can also visit Google Classroom Overview for a video tutorial