• How do I check in on Kronos since I’m not at school?

     We have temporarily enabled punching in remotely for employees while they are teleworking. You may clock in:

     By accessing the XIA Links icon for Kronos Workforce SSO (Single Sign On); must be on a computer/device with Global Protect to able to access XIA Links.
     By putting this link in your browser to get to your Kronos dashboard: kronoswfr.wcboe.org


    Kronos Looks a little bit different but...


    • Exempt employees still swipe once a day 

                           - WFR will automatically clock you in and out when you swipe (No more big red blocks of missing punches)
                           - Look for you Calc Total Hours each day or on your dashboard

    • Non-exempt employees who swiped multiple time a day      

                           - Continue to do the same swipe pattern - no changes

    • Tasks are now called Cost Centers       

                           - They are limited to each employee
                           - When you swipe in you need to select which Cost Center you are working

    •   Submit a change reques from your timesheet     

                          - You missed a punch, punched late or need to change the Cost Center then you can submit te Change Request
                            and it will automatically go through a workflow process and post to your timecard after approval
                          - No more need to send an email to have something changed, added, deleted         

    •   Time Off Request for employees who previously completed them in Kronos Central
                 - Click on Accruals Balance from your dashboard
                 - Choose which type of leave you are wanting and Click Request(if you need to change the type of leave, you may
                   still do so, to the full dropdown menu)
                 - Click Start Request and complet all necessary fields

    •  More information will be coming later