2019/20 Meal Prices
  • Adding money to you student’s account is quick, easy and can be done online or in person.


    To assist you in monitoring your student’s account, parents/guardians can view student’s purchase history, set balance notifications and add funds online at www.mypaymentsplus.com.

    1. Visit mypaymentsplus.com on your computer or smartphone.
    2. Create a new account and complete your profile information.
    3. Add your student(s). You will need your student’s ID number (not their lunch PIN). Please contact the Food and Nutrition service office if you need assistance finding that number.

    ** A 4.75% fee will only be assessed when you add funds to your student’s account.



    Payments can be made to your student’s account by sending it with your student or visiting your student’s school in person.

    Any remaining balance at the end of the school year will automatically carry-forward to next school year. 


    All students can charge up to three breakfasts and three lunches. Once a student has met their charge limit an alternative meal will be offered.

    Parents/guardians will be notified via an automated phone call when their student’s account is negative. A negative balance letter will also be sent. Please call the Food and Nutrition office if you have questions regarding your student’s meal account 410-677-4442.