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  • 2019 Local SkillsUSA Results

    1st Place Finishers will now compete at the

    Maryland State SkillsUSA Competition on April 13 2019


     SkillsUSA Regional 1 Competition Results

    Automotive Technology: 1st Place: Ryan Lewis(MHS);

                                                 3rd Place:  Koby Nguyen(PHS)

    Cosmetology Esthetics:  2nd Place:  Brianna Trader (JMB)/ Zecorah Mazzetti (PHS)

                                                3rd Place:  Brianna Parker(MHS)/Cheyenne Causey (PHS)

    Masonry:                         1st Place:  Gary Peek (PHS)

                                               2nd Place:  Malaki Forman (WHS)                                                                                                                            

    Culinary Arts:                  3rd Place:  Caleb Williams (PHS)




    SkillsUSA Local Competition Winners                                                                         

    Automotive Technology:                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

     1st place:  Ryan Lewis (MHS)                                                                                                                        

     2nd place:  Koby Nguyen (PHS)                                                                                  

     3rd place:  Ian Childs (PHS)                                                                                                                          



     1st place: Brady West (PHS)

     2nd place: Noah White (JMB)


    Collision Repair:

     1st place: Josh Brewington (JMB)

     2nd place: Mackenzie Townsend (WHS)

     3rd place: Raul Tello-Vasquez (WHS)


    Computer Assisted Drafting and Design (CADD):

    Architectural Drafting

     1st place: Somie Shin (PHS)

     2nd place: Farida Jacinthe (PHS)

     3rd place: Robert Duong (PHS)


    Computer Assisted Drafting and Design (CADD):

    Technical Drafting

     1st place:  Cole Senft (PHS)

     2nd place:  Allyson White (JMB)

     3rd place:  Mathew Page (PHS)


    Computer Repair and Networking:

     1st place:  Mark Nay (WHS)

     2nd place: Dylan Williams (MHS)

     3rd place:  Pierrine Juste (PHS)




     1st place:  Jae’Den Lewis (WHS)

     2nd place:  Kaytlen Ferruccio (WHS)




     1st place:  Brianna Parker (MHS)/Cheyenne Causey (PHS)

     2nd place:  Brianna Trader (JMB)/Zecorah Mazzetti (PHS)

     3rd place:  Alexis Webb (MHS)/Tionna McFarlin (WHS)


     Criminal Justice:

     1st place:   Joseph Phiefer (MHS)

     2nd place:  Amber Cooper (PHS)

     3rd place:  Ty Miller (PHS)


    Early Childhood Education:

     1st place:  Esteban Garcia-Ailon (WHS)

     2nd place:  Jada Askins (PHS)

     3rd place:  Camille Waters (WHS)


     Health Occupations:

     1st place:   Marressa Morton (WHS)

     2nd place:  Sara Smith (JMB)

     3rd place:  Brianna Simpson (PHS)


     Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC):

     1st place:  Matthew Taylor (MHS)

     2nd place:  Luke Evans (PHS)

     3rd place:  Coleman Hasker (WHS)


    High Performance Manufacturing:

     1st place:  Austin Dalfonso (PHS)

     2nd place:  Evan Horwat (PHS)

     3rd place:  Destin Ames (PHS) & Russell Griffith (JMB)



     1st place:   Gary Peek (PHS)

     2nd place:  Malaki Forman (WHS)

     3rd place:  Christopher Elswick (PHS)


    Medical Terminology:

     1st place:   Alyssa Price (MHS)

     2nd place:  Caroline Elburn (WHS)

     3rd place:  Jessica Greene (WHS)



     1st place:  Dustin Hurley (MHS)

     2nd place:  Clay Cox (MHS)




     1st place:   Scott Sier (MHS)

     2nd place:  Brenden Parsons (WHS)