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      Skills USA Information

        • SkillsUSA State competition permission slips- Friday, February 25th
        • SkillsUSA Honor Cord Teacher Evaluations and money- Friday, March 4th
          • NOTE:  I strongly encourage any student that has met the qualifications to complete this process this year even if they are completing your program as a Junior.
        • SkillsUSA State Leadership and Skills competition- Saturday, April 2nd
          • NOTE:  If you are interested in riding the bus to and/from the competition, please send me an email.

      2022 Skills USA Results

      • 2022 Skills USA Results 


        2022 Skills USA

      Signing Day Students

      SkillsUSA Honor Cord Achievement Award

      • SKIllSUSA 2020-2021 Honor Cord Achievement Award

        Ibrahim Ahmed 
        Vanessa Arenas Ramiez 
        Jada Askins 
        Breniyah Ayres 
        JaQuan Boggs 
        Haillie Bowden 
        Regan Bunting 
        James Burton Jr. 
        Amber Calloway 
        William Calloway 
        Haley Carpenter 
        Caden Chronister 
        Brandon Collins 
        Danna Colorado 
        Ambria Cooper 
        Cole Cooper 
        Ethan Corry 
        Abigail Creager 
        Gavin Daubach 
        Barrie Dennis 
        Charitye Downing 
        Christopher Elswick 
        Luke Evans 
        Alicia Feaster 
        Julie Gravenor 
        Jason Hargett 
        Hailey Jones 
        Brianna Le 
        Madison Lewis 
        Noah Morris 
        Zecorah Mazzetti 
        Trini Mendes Rivera 
        Taylor Mero 
        Ryan Nay 
        Kailee Nichols 
        Kimberly Parker 
        Aidan Patterson 
        Weslee Peek 
        Brayam Ramon-Arroyo 
         Peyton Rayne 
        Avriel Reaves 
        Nicolas Rickards 
        John Rodriguez Carrion 
        Emiley Scott 
        Alteisha Shivers 
        Morgan Smiley 
        Matthew Taylor 
        Van Taylor 
        Brianna Trader 
        Kayla Thornton 
        Cainta Virgil 
        Kentrae Wallace 
        Sara Weiss 
        Gregory Zimmerman 

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