• Credit Union This is a voluntary savings and loan organization made up of employees of the Board of Education and their families. Savings deposits are made through payroll deduction. Up to 10% of ones annual salary can be borrowed using ones signature as collateral at an interest rate lower than charged elsewhere. Both the savings and loan programs carry a life insurance benefit at no extra cost. 

    Direct Deposit All employees may elect to have their paychecks deposited directly into their checking or savings account at any participating bank.

    Extra Duty Pay The Board provides compensation for certificated personnel who are assigned to designated extra-duty assignments such as athletics, band, band front, cheerleading, chorus, class advisors, dramatics, newspaper, and yearbook.

    Liability Insurance  - The Board carries liability insurance on all employees for suits involving discrimination, libel, slander, and defamation of character.

    Workers Compensation -
    All employees are covered by Workers Compensation for accidents which occur in the normal pursuit of their duties. 

    Mentoring Programs Wicomico County has two mentoring programs for teachers. In identified schools there are full time mentors who work exclusively with new teachers in perfecting classroom management, instructional practices and differentiated instructional strategies. All other new teachers are provided with an individual peer mentor who assists with their needs and concerns throughout the school year. All new teachers participate in our new teacher induction program from August - April of each school year.

    Payroll Deduction Deductions can be arranged for credit union, health insurance, etc.

    Tenure Tenure is achieved after three years and satisfactory evaluations. This benefit applies to certificated employees only.

    24-Pay Plan Ten-month employees may elect to have their salary paid during the school year (20 pays) or spread over the entire year (24 pays).