Flexible Spending Account

  • A Flexible Spending Account (FSA) provides a way for you to designate pre-tax dollars to pay for certain medical and dependent care expenses. There are two types of FSAs - Medical and Dependent Care. This is done through money which is deducted on a pre-tax basis from your check each pay period throughout the year and placed in your FSA account. WCBOE contracts with Navia Benefit Solutions to administer the FSA plan. Contact information for Navia can be found at the bottom of this page.


    Participants receive a Mastercard debit card called a Navia Benefits Card to use when paying for eligible expenses and the amount is then deducted directly from the participant's FSA account. Or you can pay out-of-pocket for an eligible expense, then complete a claim form and submit it along with the appropriate documention to Navia for reimbursement. You can submit claims online, through your mobile device, or via fax (1.866.535.9227).


    The FSA plan year is from September 1st through August 31st. In November 2013, the IRS announced a new carry-over rule for Medical FSA which permits an employee to carry-over up to $500 of unused Medical FSA dollars from one plan year to the following plan year. If you have an unused fund balance of up to $500 in your Medical FSA plan when the plan year ends on August 31st, the balance will automatically carry-over to the next plan year if you have enrolled in Health FSA Plan for the new plan year. A balance exceeding $500 at the end of the plan year reverts back to the plan; not the participant.

    Medical Expenses

    A Medical FSA can be used to pay for any out-of-pocket costs associated with the medical, prescription, dental or vision plan for you and your family members. For example, a copay for a doctor's visit or a copay for a prescription. Your annual election may be any amount that you designate up to a maximum of $2,700. Any claim submitted for an eligible medical expense cannot exceed the amount allocated for the plan year.


    Most over-the-counter (OTC) medicines require a doctor's prescription or prescription order form in order to be reimbursed through FSA. Click here for an over-the-counter medicine and drug authorization form.

    Dependent Care Expenses

    The limit on the annual election amount permitted for dependent care expenses cannot be more than $5,000 ($2,500 if married filing separately) or if your spouse is a student for more than 5 months of the year, the lesser of your spouse’s earned income or $4,800.


    There are primarily two types of dependent care expenses. First, daycare expenses for a child under the age of 13. Secondly, daycare expenses for a spouse or other tax dependent that is physically or mentally incapable of caring for him or herself. Any claim submitted for an eligible dependent care expense cannot exceed the total amount currently available in your account at the time the claim is filed.

    Open Enrollment

    During the open enrollment period, employees can elect to participate by logging on to Benelogic and enrolling in the plan. Your participation in the FSA plan does not continue automatically from one plan year to the next. You must enroll in this benefit every year during open enrollment that you wish to participate. 

    Please give careful thought to the amount(s) you select. You cannot change your elected amount or cease participation in the plan unless you have a change in family status (i.e., “qualifying event”) during the plan year. Below are the rules on plan year ending balances:

    Medical FSA - Unused medical FSA balances of up to $500 will automatically carryover from one plan year to the next if you enroll in the Health FSA for the upcoming plan year. Unused funds over $500 will be forfeited and revert back to the plan.

    Dependent Care FSA - Any remaining balance in a Dependent Care FSA reverts back to the plan; a carry-over is not permitted.


    Deadline for Filing Eligible Expenses

    Claims for eligible medical/dependent care expense must be filed within 30 days following the close of the plan year or 180 days following termination of employment, if earlier.

    FSA Forms and Information available:

    Contact Information for Navia Benefit Solutions:

    • By phone:  1-800-669-3539
    • Fax:  1-866-535-9227
    • By email:  claims@naviabenefits.com
    • By web:  Navia