• The state of Maryland requires all students to complete 3 credits in science, aligned to NGSS, for high school graduation.  Additionally, all students must meet the graduation requirement relative to a state assessment in science.  Current WCPS students have several ways to meet this requirement:

    • Pass any administration of the Biology HSA prior to May, 2017 or
    • Take the Biology HSA in May, 2017 (no minimum score required) or
    • Take the Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA) if/when assigned in the 2017-18, 18-19, 19-20, or 20-21 school years (no minimum score required)

    As of 2021, MISA will become an end-of-course assessment for students enrolled in Biology or Honors Biology.  

    More information on MISA is available here:  http://marylandpublicschools.org/about/Pages/DAAIT/Assessment/MISA/index.aspx

    High School students in Wicomico County have a variety of Science courses from which to choose.  Note that some courses have prerequisites - see the Course Catalog for details.  Also note that all courses may not be available at every school.  Course availability is determined by enrollment requests and availability of space and faculty.

    Current Science Course Offerings
    Environmental Science
    Honors Environmental Science
    Honors Biology
    Physical Science
    Honors Chemistry
    Honors Physics
    Advanced Placement Environmental Science
    Advanced Placement Biology
    Advanced Placement Chemistry
    Advanced Placement Physics I
    Advanced Placement Physics II
    Honors Anatomy and Physiology (1/2 credit)
    Honors Astronomy (1/2 credit - only available at Parkside High School)



    Dual Enrollment

    WCPS is pleased to offer students the opportunity to enroll in college science courses as part of our dual enrollment program.  Students who enroll in and successfully complete these courses will earn high school and college credit.  Note that receiving college credits does not guarantee that every college a student may later attend will accept the credits.  Please contact your guidance counselor for more information and pre-enrollment requirements.

    The table below indicates WCPS Science courses and their dual enrollment equivalents at local institutions of higher education.  Please note that this is subject to change, consult guidance counselors prior to making enrollment decisions.


    WCPS AP Course

    (Title and Course #)


    Approved Course


    (Dual Enrollment)


    Approved Course

    Salisbury University


    Approved Course

    University of Maryland Eastern Shore


    Approved Course

    Other University or College


    AP Biology - 3562

    BIO 105

    BIOL 210

    BIOL 101/103 and BIOL 111/113

    *Any request from a college or university other than those noted on this chart MUST be accompanied by a course syllabus for review by the content supervisor.


    AP Chemistry - 3563

    CHM 105  and  CHM 106

    CHEM 121 and CHEM 122

    CHEM 101 and CHEM 103


     AP Physics I - 3544



    PHYS 121


    PHYS 221

    PHYS 121 and PHYS 123

     AP Physics II – 3545

    PHY 122

     PHYS 123


    PHYS 223

    PHYS 122 and PHYS 124

    AP Environmental Science - 3564

    ENV 101

    BIOL/GEOG 150

    ENVS 101

     NOTE: The above chart is subject to change, please consult the school guidance office prior to scheduling college courses for dual enrollment.