• High School Science Program

    The state of Maryland requires all students to complete 3 credits in science for high school graduation.  Additionally, all students must meet the graduation requirement relative to a state assessment in science.  Current WCPS students have several ways to meet this requirement:

    • Pass any administration of the Biology HSA prior to May, 2017 or
    • Take the Biology HSA in May, 2017 (no minimum score required) or
    • Take the Maryland Integrated Science Assessment (MISA) if/when assigned in the 2017-18 or 2018-19 school years (no minimum score required) or
    • Pass MISA in the 2019-20 school year or later.

    All WCPS high school students (9-12) who have not met the assessment requirement by spring 2019 will take MISA in May 2019.  This will allow all students to meet the requirement before a minimum passing score is set.

    Practice items for the High School MISA are available here.

    Students in Wicomico County have a variety of courses from which to choose.  Note that some courses have prerequisites - see the Course Catalog for details.  Also note that all courses may not be available at every school.  Course availability is determined by enrollment requests and availability of space and faculty.

    Current Science Course Offerings
    Earth & Space Science
    Honors Earth & Space Science
    Honors Biology
    Environmental Science
    Physical Science
    Honors Chemistry
    Honors Physics
    Advanced Placement Environmental Science
    Advanced Placement Biology
    Advanced Placement Chemistry
    Advanced Placement Physics I
    Advanced Placement Physics II
    Honors Anatomy and Physiology (1/2 credit)
    Honors Astronomy (1/2 credit - only available at Parkside High School)

    WCPS Science Staff are currently reviewing the NGSS and proposed changes to Maryland's science assessment. This may result in changes to the above listed courses.