School Based Wellness Center FAQs

  • School Based Wellness Center FAQs

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    • What is a School-Based Wellness Center (SBWC)?  A SBWC is a health care center, similar to a doctor’s office, on school grounds. The Wicomico High School Wellness Center is sponsored by the local health department and provides medical and counseling services to enrolled students during the school day.


    • Why provide these services at school?  Adolescents have the lowest utilization of health care services of any age group. By the time students hit the middle-school years, most immunizations are up to date and many don’t see a doctor on a regular basis. Yet, this is also the time in life when their bodies are undergoing many changes. Along with the physical changes, adolescents often experience many new feelings and emotions. Because SBWCs are located on school grounds, students get to know the providers and feel comfortable coming to them with their concerns.


    • Does the Wellness Center take place of the school nurse?  No. The School Nurse maintains her traditional role in the school. Wellness Center records are separate and confidential from school health records. However, the School Nurse does have a list of enrolled students and is the primary source of referrals to the Wellness Center.


    • Who works at the Wellness Center?

                     Nurse Practitioners:  Molly Parsons & Daisy Werkheiser
                     Social Worker:  Allison Ford
                     Program Supervisors/Nurses:  Kelly Shockley and Lisa Anderson

    • How can I refer a student to the Wellness Center?  Most of our referrals come directly from the School Nurse, however we do accept referrals from parents, teachers and staff.  If a child is sick or has a health complaint, we suggest sending the student to the school nurse for triage, then the child can be referred to the Wellness Center.  If a student has other concerns (Ex:  personal hygiene, dental, mental health issues), we encourage you to call us during the school day or leave a completed Wellness Center Referral Form in our mailbox.  If a student is not a SBWC member, upon staff request we can send an enrollment packet directly to the parent/guardian or to the staff member to discuss with parent.


    • How will teachers know if a student has an appointment at the Wellness Center?  Each day, via email, we send out the schedule for the following day.  We will also place appointment slips in the 1st period Teachers’ mailbox of the students having appointments.


    • What if a student’s appointment time conflicts with an important project/test in a class?  We are extremely flexible at the Wellness Center!  Give us a call or send us an email, letting us know of the conflict and we will gladly reschedule the appointment.


    • Why are some appointments longer than other appointments?  The appointment time depends on the student’s present needs.  Some appointments are extremely short, (Ex:  quick look in a student’s ears to see if an infection is gone, treat a minor headache, or a blood pressure check).  Occasionally, we have students that are sent down for one illness and other health problems are found.  Other appointments such as treatment of asthma, immunizations, physical exams can take a little longer.  During their visit they may also receive prevention education.  Behavioral health sessions are usually done on an individual basis and can last between 30 - 45 minutes.   


    • How does a student become a member of the Wellness Center?  ALL students of Wicomico High School are eligible for enrollment, regardless of income or ability to pay.  A student must have parental permission to obtain services at the Wellness Center.  Extra enrollment packets can be obtained at the School Nurse’s office or from the Wellness Center.


    • Do students receive a bill for Wellness Center services?  No, families are not billed for Wellness Center services.  The Wellness Center accepts insurance information from families and will submit claims to the insurance company.  Any funds we receive from the insurance company helps to support Wellness Center services.  If the insurance company denies the claim or only pays a partial amount, the family will not be billed for the remaining balance.  If a family is not covered by insurance, the Wellness Center helps to link them to Medical Assistance, however they still receive FREE Wellness Center services. 


    • What medical services does the Wellness Center offer?

      - Treatment of minor illnesses/injuries
      - Prevention/health education
      - Management of chronic illness (asthma)
      - Routine lab/diagnostic tests
      - Physical exams
      - Prescriptions
      - Immunizations
      - Link to community providers/health insurance

    • What is behavioral health counseling?   Our Social Worker, Marla Morris conducts preventative behavioral health services for students in individual settings to promote healthy social and emotional development.  The students participating with the social worker are usually referred by parents, teachers, or administration.  A variety of topics are discussed including:  conflict resolution, anger management, bullying, self esteem, character, respect, self control, problem solving, frustrations, aggressiveness vs. assertiveness, negative vs. positive criticism, understanding/expressing feelings, and appreciating differences in others. 

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