Varsity Outdoor Track

  • Head Coach: Mike Trendowski (
    Ass't Coach: Rick Wood ( & James Carter (

    2019 Outdoor Track Roster: 



    Barrett, Kristen 

    Brown, Sanai 

    Collier, Alexis 

    Davis, Doria  

    Dennis, SaNae  

    Diaz, Malaya  

    Harris, Aaliyah 

    Hayes, Lilandra 

    Henry, Kariah  

    Hill, Liyah  

    Jones, Mykaelah 

    Lenares, Jade  

    McCargo, Selina 

    Prucien, Jonysha  

    Stevenson, Brianna  

    Thibeau, Deltava 

    Traore, Arielle  

    Wongus, Emonie




    Barkley, Jeremiah

    Brice, Marcus 

    Carroll, Dylan  

    Collins, Timothy  

    Davis, Dorian 

    Farmer, Jekai  

    Felix, Marvinly  

    Fisher, Avion 

    Goodwine, Kayden  

    Goslee, Caleb  

    Handy, Jayson

    Johnson, Gary  

    Killian, Chris  

    Killian, Dennis  

    Le, Andy  

    Lopez-Chilel, Francis  

    Martin, Mark 

    Mason, Caleb  

    Mondestin, Jude  

    Patterson, Neil 

    Point-Du-Jour, Geoff 

    Reddick, Cameron 

    Sandoval, Victor  

    Schaller, Robert 

    Shiles, Aschton  

    Shockley, Joshua 

    Talabert, Judelle  

    Teat, Karon 

    Tello-Teles, Luis  

    Tius, Steve  

    Wallace, Xavier 


    Organista-Mojica, Josephine; mgr

    Saintjules, Wideline; mgr  

    Vincent, Tabatha; mgr 


    All students trying out for a fall, winter or spring sport MUST have a completed 2016-17 WCBOE Student Athlete Physical packet completed and on file with Bryan White, the Athletic Trainer for Wi-Hi.

    You can download the 2018-19 edition of the packet here.

    Most of it will be completed by the student or parents, but the physical must be completed by a doctor. Once it's turned in for a school year, it will not need to be repeated for a later sports season. 

    Bryan White
    Athletic Trainer, Wicomico HS