Help Your Child with Math

  • Would you like to know what your students are learning in math?

    Click on this link in red to access the Wicomico County Board of Education's webpage on how to help your child with mathematics: Math for Parents

    Use the links below to select your child's grade level. 
    Find the unit your child is currently completing (they are completed in order). 
    Use the links to see examples of the problems and how to complete them.

    GRADE 1: Grade 1 Curriculum Link

    GRADE 2:  Grade 2 Curriculum Link

    GRADE 3:  Grade 3 Curriculum Link

    GRADE 4: Grade 4 Curriculum Link

    GRADE 5: Grade 5 Curriculum Link

    Free website for parents!  Go to to help your child with mathematics.  Scroll to the bottom and click on Math @Home.   Find resources for your child to practice the skills for his/her grade level. 

    Click on this link for a free practice website on math skills (you choose the skill you want your child to practice):  Math Practice Site

    OR SIGN UP FOR A FREE ACCOUNT WITH LEARNZILLION.COM and look for video tutorials for what your child is learning.  They are great for teaching parents how to help their child with schoolwork!

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