Our School

  • North Salisbury Elementary North Salisbury School was unique right from the start! When it opened its doors on 1939, it was heralded as the first all-concrete building to be erected on the Eastern Shore. Federal money was used from the depression-fighting Public Works Administration (P.W.A). 

    The January, 1939 Opening featured students and staff walking from the two replaced schools, Chestnut Street School and Bell Street School. These 250 North Salisbury students were in the capable hands of a flagship staff of 7 teachers, one of whom was a teaching principal. 

    History repeated itself on April 18, 2006, as students and staff walked to their newly renovated school from Isabella Street.  Construction completed, the school was reoriented so that the front now faces Emerson Avenue and established the school as the most technologically advanced school in the county at that time. Re-dedication Ceremonies on April 19th, 2006 marked a new page in the proud history of North Salisbury and a look with pride into our future.