College Prep

  • College To-Do List

    1. Build your resume in Naviance.
    2. Request letters of recommendation (at least 2)
    3. Make a list of at least 5 schools (Dream school to safe school)
    4. Make a list of application deadline dates
    5. Begin the application process in Naviance
    6. Set up your Common Application profile
    7. Match your Common App profile to Naviance
    8. Make contact with your guidance counselor
      1. Krista Baker (A- F)
      2. Tana Ellis (G - Mi)
      3. Karen Straw (Mo-V)
      4. Hope Bowers (W-Z and ELL program students)
    9. Search for scholarships on Naviance
    10. FAFSA (financial aid) must be completed between January 1st and March 1st (to be considered for Maryland scholarships)


    Dual Enrollment

    Dual enrollment allows high school students to enroll in credit-bearing college courses at public universities while still in high school. Colleges may sponsor structured programs in partnership with high schools and/or high school students may enroll of their own volition and attend afternoon, evening or weekend classes on campus.

    Local Cooperating Universities




     Approved Courses

    See your school counselor to find out which courses are approved as meeting graduation requirements for high school students! Remember, your counselor needs a copy of your registration!