• Message to our parents

    Our district partners want us to notify parents that they will publish Magnet School qualifications notifications to rising third grade students on Thursday, June 21. In addition, they will identify those current grade 3 & 4 students who qualify, as well. If your child qualifies, he or she is invited, with parents, to an informational meeting at North Salisbury School on Thursday, June 23, at 5:30 p.m. Look for email and other messages if your child qualifies.

    Please, we require that students return all computers, all parts of the charger, hotspots, library books and textbooks to school. Please look around your house, under furniture, and in closets for items that belong to our school and district.

    We invite parents of our grade five students to their completion and awards ceremony on Tuesday, June 14, at 10 a.m., at the JMB High School auditorium. Parents of grade five students must sign the permission slip and waiver for the trip to the high school. While we will return students to school at the end of the ceremony and celebration, many parents may decide to not send their children back to school. We will require a completed form and authorization to send students away from the event instead of returning them to school. Please note: students who we dismiss from the JMB auditorium may be marked absent for a portion of the instructional day.