Wicomico County Board of Education Celebrates Service of Employees Reaching Milestones
Service Awards Celebrate Employees at 5-Year Milestones as High as 45 Years
Posted on 06/18/2015

The Wicomico County Board of Education celebrates the service of employees who have reached five-year milestones of service to Wicomico County Public Schools. Those honored and thanked this year include everyone from employees who have spent 5 years in the school system to two who have served Wicomico students and families for 45 years.

Employees who have served 25, 30, 35, 40, and 45 years are listed below. At the Service Awards dinner this spring, Board President Ron Willey and Superintendent of Schools Dr. John Fredericksen thanked each of them for their dedication and their commitment to supporting student success.

45 years: Leroy A. Hall, Marilyn K. Johnson

40 years: Susan M. Gebhart, Jerdy L. Heatwole, Barbara C. Horsey, Barbara G. Kerr, Jacqueline B. Lemon, Linda S. Pusey, Richard G. Roman, Linda J. Stark, Robin L. Taylor

35 years:  Cheryl H. Doughty, Doris Q. Henson, Charlotte A. Hertz, Douglas L. Miles, Howard K. Snow, Sandra L. Titus, Kay F. White

30 years: Sharon L. Birch, Susan G. Dickerson, Mary E. Hayward, Karen M. Kundell, Courtland B. Lilley, Desiree A. Martin, Cassandra M. McNeese, Lois A. Mitchell, Carroll J. Nichols, Stewart M. Soper, William R. Wainwright

25 years: Katrena B. Bailey, Terry T. Budd, David J. Churchman, Debra M. Cooper, Ellen M. Doxtater, Sharon E. Ehrisman, Barbara A. Hayward, Laura G. Hynes, Barbara J. Karsnitz, Jane P. Kitzrow, Patricia K. McKenzie, Donna R. Melson, Sandra L. Mills, Lori S. Peters, Randy J. Polk, Tamara L. Pusey, Cathy J. Reed, Barbara J. Robinson, Jon D. Shearer, Cherie R. Simon, Bobbie S. Smith Hasson, Rickey J. Thomas, Donelle L. Vanholten, Elizabeth A. Vastine, Susan B. Waldman