Reminder of Attendance Procedures in Schools without AC
Heat Information for Wicomico Students in Schools without Air Conditioning
Posted on 09/01/2015

With hot weather predicted for this week, Wicomico County Public Schools would like to remind families of the excused absence option for students attending the two remaining schools that are not fully air conditioned.

When the forecasted high temperature for the day exceeds 85 degrees, parents and guardians may choose to have their child not attend that day – or to be signed out early – if the child attends West Salisbury Elementary or East Salisbury Elementary.

Upon the student’s return to school, parents and guardians must provide a note naming the heat as the reason for the absence or early dismissal, in order for the absence to be excused. Students are allowed to make up work that they miss during any excused absence.

Every effort will be made to provide for the comfort of students who attend schools on hot days. Students may have water bottles in the classroom and are urged to wear attire that will keep them cooler while still meeting the dress code. In classrooms and hallways, fans keep the air moving, and lights are often shut off to create a more comfortable learning environment.

For further information, please contact the student’s school.

The Board of Education has put a priority on providing comfortable, air conditioned classrooms for students in all schools. These HVAC projects and larger replacement school projects have been completed when the state and county provide requested funding. In recent years, school system HVAC and construction projects have brought full air conditioning to the newly opened Bennett Middle and to James M. Bennett High, Northwestern Elementary, and Pittsville Elementary and Middle. At this point, 96% of Wicomico County’s instructional areas are air conditioned.

A replacement West Salisbury Elementary is the next school on Wicomico’s construction list, with students expected to move into air-conditioned swing space while the replacement school is being built. That would leave East Salisbury Elementary as the last school in the county without full air conditioning. East Salisbury has some air conditioned classrooms, and on hot days the school adjusts its building use to bring students down from the hotter second floor and fully utilize any air conditioned spaces, such as the media center.