SL@M Summer Program
The SL@M Summer Program, Summer Learning At Middle School, is designed to help rising 5th grade students with the transition into 6th grade middle school in the upcoming fall school year. SL@M provides hands-on STEM project tracks in the morning and team building, middle school transition activities, technology, and recreation in the afternoon!

STEM Based Project Tracks for the 2017 Summer are:
I-myth: A real life "Myth Busters" track that had students using the scientific method as they tried to debunk and discredit urban myths and crack mysteries such as "How hard is it to find a needle in a haystack?", "What happens when you eat pop rocks & soda?", "Is Duct Tape the handyman's secret weapon?" and "When interwoven together, can two phone books be pulled apart?"

I-create: The artistic track which had students designing multiple forms of STEM based artwork through painting, sketching, drawing and working with duct tape! Students created "green" works of art out of recycled materials, learned about methods of photography, and even learned about two different artists Jackson Pollock and Andy Warhol in their Splatter Paintings and Pop Art displays!

I-health: Students learned that they are chefs and chemists every time they step foot in the kitchen while learning the value of nutrition and healthy cooking! Each day students learn about safety, cross contamination, sugars and salt content in food all while cooking 4-5 recipes. Foods have included appetizers, breakfast, dessert, pizza day, and a mexican feast!

I-compose: SL@M students inspire creativity with this track as they write and produce their own music video! After listening to inspiring songs from their own generation, students write an original song and record themselves singing it to their own beat using iPads. They then have the opportunity to create, develop and edit their own music video all while learning to manipulate technology! DVDs are burned so they'll have their original music video to take home.

I-Can: SL@M students learn about different muscle groups in the body and different exercise activities they can do to target those muscle groups! I-Can stays active all week by doing group games, targeted muscle group activities, and creating a fun, fitness video to demonstrate their skills. I-Can also takes a canoe trip with Ranger Bob and other park rangers to learn water safety, paddling instructions, and enjoy a day out on the Eastern Shore water!