American Education Week
Welcome to American Education Week 2016.

Our teachers, staff, and students are eager to welcome parents/guardians and others on a student's Approved Visitor Form to come to school during American Education Week (Nov. 14 - 18). 

This is a great opportunity to see first-hand the work of your students and their friends, to experience the school climate and culture, and to show support for your child(ren) and for their school. 

Thank you for following the guidelines below to ensure the continuation of a safe and orderly school environment. 

  • Visitors must be listed on a student’s Approved Visitor Form to visit a student in the classroom.
  • Visitors must check in at the school office and receive a visitor badge before visiting a classroom or other area of the school
  • Please remove hats, hoods and outside garments upon entering the school.
  • Visitors must be 21 years of age or older and must provide an ID if requested
  • Visitors should refrain from bringing small children and infants into the classrooms
  • Visitors should follow all school rules and expectations including refraining from cell phone use
  • Visitors should be aware that some schools have limited cafeteria seating capacity and that, at some schools, eating lunch with students is not feasible.
  • If the school has sent correspondence assigning a specific visitation day per grade level, visitors should please try to adhere to this schedule as much as possible.Often this scheduling is due to parking and space constraints.

Thank you again for supporting your student(s) during this time.