Almost Time for April 13-15 Registration Fair Extravaganza for Wicomico Schools
April 13-15 Registration Fair Extravaganza: Wicomico County Health Department Providing Free Walk-In Immunization Clinics during Fair for Future Prekindergarten/Kindergarten Students and Children Entering Public 1st Grade
Posted on 04/11/2016

This week’s Registration Fair Extravaganza (April 13-15 at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center) is the first chance for Wicomico County families to register children for kindergarten and apply for prekindergarten for the 2016-2017 school year. Families can also take advantage of free walk-in immunization clinics all three days thanks to the Wicomico County Health Department, which is partnering with the school system to ensure children have the immunizations required to enter prekindergarten, kindergarten and public 1st grade.

The Wicomico County Health Department will offer a free mass walk-in immunization clinic at the Health Department’s Fritz Building, 300 West Carroll St., during the registration fair. Hours for the walk-in clinic will be April 13-15, from 9 a.m.-noon and 12:30-3 p.m. The walk-in clinic is only for students entering prekindergarten, kindergarten and public 1st grade. Parents must bring a current copy of their child’s vaccine record with them. Vaccines will be offered at no cost. Please call 410-543-6943 for more information.

The Registration Fair Extravaganza schedule is as follows, from 8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. each day:


Wednesday, April 13: Fruitland Primary, Charles H. Chipman Elementary, Pinehurst Elementary, West Salisbury Elementary*

(*Please note that starting next school year, students in the West Salisbury Elementary attendance area will temporarily attend Charles H. Chipman for Prekindergarten and Kindergarten and North Salisbury Elementary for grades 1 and 2, during construction of the new West Salisbury Elementary.)


Thursday, April 14: Beaver Run Elementary, Pemberton Elementary, Willards Elementary


Friday, April 15: Delmar Elementary, Westside Primary, Northwestern Elementary, and Prince Street Elementary


Kindergarten registration and prekindergarten application documents are available in school offices and are posted online at; please click on the Registration Fair Extravaganza slide, or the Enrollment quick link. Families may fill out and bring the documents to the Registration Fair Extravaganza at the Wicomico Youth & Civic Center. Parents and guardians are encouraged to register children for 2016-2017 as early as possible, so that families and schools can begin to prepare for the new school year.

For enrollment questions, please contact or 410-677-4479.

Children registering for kindergarten must turn 5 by Sept. 1, 2016. Children applying for prekindergarten must turn 4 by Sept. 1, 2016; other criteria for prekindergarten admission are detailed below. The Registration Fair Extravaganza will also serve families who need to register a student not in public kindergarten now who will be enrolling in the 1st grade for the 2016-2017 school year.

Students currently enrolled in prekindergarten-3, prekindergarten-4, or kindergarten in Wicomico County Public Schools do not need to register at the fair.

To register or apply, parents/guardians will need to bring in the following documents:

  • a child’s birth certificate or registration of birth
  • child’s immunization record
  • child’s Social Security card
  • two forms of proof-of-residency documentation (current utility bill with service address, AND rental lease, mortgage, or property owner’s tax bill)
  • child’s IEP/IFSP (if applicable)
  • income verification (for prekindergarten only).

After the Registration Fair, registration and application will continue in schools starting April 27 on weekdays, during school hours.



Children must be 5 years old by Sept. 1, 2016. Kindergarten is mandatory for all Maryland children who are 5 by this date unless the parents or guardians have completed a Kindergarten-Level of Maturity Waiver Form seeking later admission. For information please contact Sandra Drummond, Early Childhood supervisor, at 410-677-4523 or


Prekindergarten is not mandatory, and is offered to qualified children who will be 4 by Sept. 1, 2016. Prekindergarten is a half-day program throughout Wicomico County except for the Judy Center catchment areas of Beaver Run, Pemberton, Charles H. Chipman and West Salisbury schools.  At Beaver Run and Pemberton, qualified children who are 3- and 4-year-olds attend the full school day.  Students in the 3-year old program must turn 3 on or before September 1, 2016.  Qualified 4-year olds in the Charles H. Chipman and West Salisbury elementary school attendance areas also attend for the full-day.

Priority admission will be given to Wicomico County children and Delmar, Del. children who meet any of these criteria:

  • come from low-income, at-risk, or homeless situations
  • have prior participation in Head Start 
  • experience challenges like emergency or health problems, limited English proficiency, or other home or family circumstances
  • recommended for the program by government or court referral

Parents or guardians whose child does not meet these criteria can put the child’s name on a prekindergarten waiting list, which will be used to fill any remaining slots. Documentation must be submitted prior to a child’s acceptance into the program. Families will be notified in late summer if space is available.