Information on March 24 K-9 Drug Scans in Support of Safe Schools
Updated Information on K-9 Scans Conducted by Sheriff's Office at Wicomico High, Bennett Middle, Salisbury Middle
Posted on 03/24/2016

Update: The K-9 drug scans have been completed at Wicomico High, Bennett Middle and Salisbury Middle, and the three schools have resumed their normal schedule. The school system will continue to work with the Wicomico County Sheriff's Office on follow-ups to the scans.

Earlier today, this message was sent to all Wicomico school families and staff, to inform them of K-9 drug scans happening at three schools the morning of March 24:

Good morning. This is an informational call for all Wicomico County Public School families and staff. This morning the school system is collaborating with the Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office to conduct K-9 scans at three schools for controlled dangerous substances. Scans such as this are done from time to time as part of ensuring that schools are safe and drug free. The scans are taking place now at Wicomico High School, Bennett Middle School, and Salisbury Middle School. Students will be outside of the school buildings while the scans are taking place, and the instructional day will resume once the process is done. Please note that students cannot be signed out by parents at these schools while the scans are taking place. Thank you for your cooperation in support of safe schools. Please check the school system’s website and social media for any updates. Families with students in one of the three schools will receive an update call from school administration later in the day. Thank you.