Schools Plan Special Activities for 9/11 Day of Service and Remembrance
Programs from around Wicomico Schools for National Day of Service and Remembrance/Patriot Day and 9/11 Anniversary
Posted on 09/10/2015

On Friday, Sept. 11 and on the days leading up to that date, schools are helping students understand the importance of the 9/11 anniversary, the National Day of Service and Remembrance, and Patriot Day.

Bennett Middle
will show a video on children born on Sept. 11, 2001, and challenge students to “do something good” in honor of that date. The aim of "Born On 9/11," Grey New York's integrated campaign for the nonprofit 9/11 Day organization, is to ask Americans to do at least one good deed on Sept. 11 to commemorate the 14th anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. BMS students will see a moving video narrated by 9/11 child Hillary during the morning announcements (shortly after 8:15 a.m.): 

Wicomico High School JROTC will lead the school’s observance of this day by having the color guard march to the flagpole and present the colors at 8:30 a.m. LTC Dante Barnes will carry and present a wreath for the occasion, with the wreath being laid at the base of the flagpole in front of the school.

Students at North Salisbury Elementary will participate in a Patriot Day / National Day of Service and Remembrance program at 9 a.m. Friday. The program will include a timeline of events that took place on the horrific day known as 9/11.  A book entitled: September Roses by Jeanette Winter will be read.  This book focuses on the impact of two women from South Africa whose lives were affected when visiting New York City on Sept. 11, 2001. The book will help students realize how important it is to help others and understand the effects of our words and actions.

Mayor Jim Ireton will be guest speaker and will share the importance of standing up for your community and volunteering. Also, North Salisbury School will recognize the Salisbury Police Department and Wicomico County Sheriff’s Office with a red rose and certificate. The Salisbury Fire Department will bring 10-15 officers and a K-9. This recognition event will bring the real world into the classroom and give students an opportunity to see the men and women who protect our community each day.

The program will conclude with a challenge: “Won’t You Stand Up.” Students will join in singing our theme song for this year, “Stand Up” by Sugarland. Students will return to the classroom and discuss how they can help their community, and then put those plans into action for the rest of the month.

At James M. Bennett High, in Advanced Placement 11 English Language and Composition, students will analyze the rhetorical aspects of President George W. Bush's 9/11 Speech on Friday. Students will watch a video of the President delivering the speech, read the text of the speech, and watch a visual representation of the events of that day while listening to the speech.  Students will determine the subject, occasion, audience, purpose, and speaker (SOAPS) of the speech. This strategy will help students analyze and organize the rhetorical situation of this speech.

At JMB on Thursday, students prepared questions for a 9/11 first responder, and asked the questions of a 9/11 first responder by Skype in Mr. Kane’s classroom. Timothy Justin Kane (JMB ’98) was a student at Salisbury University when he did a summer internship at the New York City Mayor’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM), going back to SU for his senior year a couple of weeks before 9/11. He then left school for two months to work for OEM as a World Trade Center disaster consultant. He accepted a job with OEM after graduation and worked there for 10 years. Currently he is the Global Director of Security and Business Continuity at BlackRock, the world’s largest investment firm.

Meanwhile, on the JMB arts wing, students who have Mrs. Davis and Mr. Foltz for art created a collaborative art display to recognize the importance of the date. The artwork is on display on the arts hallway.

At Salisbury Middle, students in Tara Elliott’s reading classes will read the names of the victims of 9/11 Friday, as well as read and explore the poem "The Names" by former Poet Laureate Billy Collins. This activity will take place from 8:44-9:29 a.m., 10:21-11:05 a.m., and 12:25-1:07 p.m. Students in Scarlett White's World History classes will be making themed pieces to put together a 9/11 remembrance quilt. The quilt will hang in the 8th grade hallway.